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Much as I would like to see the commies run out of the government, it’s not even close to reality.

Absolutely spot on.

I just received this article, and was astounded at what I carefully read, once I really understood it. I should not have been, and part of my brain is as unsurprised as it was earlier today when we had a pop-up thunderstorm (this is the South in summer, after all – what else is new?!?). No, I should not have been surprised, but seeing what’s been happening in the news and how I totally missed the substitution of one story for another, was really disturbing.

It is now entirely clear that what I used to listen to as a fascinated very young teenager in the early 1960s, is nothing different than what we’re getting now from our own media. I discovered the English language service of Radio Moscow on my grandfather’s old tube-type short wave radio hand-me-down shortly after 1960. I was absolutely amazed at how the Soviet people could buy into what Radio Moscow was putting out. In my youthful innocence, I did not realized that many did not buy it, but they realized it was beyond their capability of realistically doing anything about it. With absolutely no exaggeration, I unquestioningly now believe that we’re in the same position here with our Government/Media Complex in the U.S. Ike warned us about the Military/Industrial Complex in the 1950s, but it’s gone so far beyond that, and we’re the frogs, and the water is now just below the boiling point. Where would we jump out to even if we could?

Read this article and see what’s just happened this week. Remember how we were hearing about how “the Russian hackers” would never show up to court anyway, so they would never be brought to justice? Except it wasn’t the same ones we’re hearing about today (despite how the MSM – INCLUDING FOX – are presenting it).


Then watch the following interview with Congressman Gohmert, the ONLY one I’d support as a replacement for Trump if it came to that. Some may say this was an inappropriate comment given the setting, but it’s still spot on. And Gohmert’s additional point after the exchange with Strzok is finished, is the real key. Then watch what happens with Trey Gowdy’s questioning about the timing of the “Russia investigation” which didn’t begin until 31 July 2016, vs what Strzok said before there even WAS an investigation. We get “treated” to the fireworks between Goodlatte and Nadler on network TV, but never the rest of the story about what happened before the investigation had ever opened. Compare that to the above article with what was being investigated with the original 13 Russians (the disappeared investigation/Russians), vs. what was investigated with the newly indicted 12 Russians. The takeover of the former Republic is complete. You won’t need to watch the 2nd video more than 5 minutes or so into it to see what’s going on there.