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And that, Freedom, is EXACTLY why it’s getting more likely by the day. The news media wants nothing more than two things: (1) to get sensational news (the bloodier or more deadly, the better), and (2) the downfall of the United States of America as it was designed and founded. So they will keep beating that drum by showing the clashes, angling the cameras to make it appear that massive crowds are always part of it (even when they’re minuscule), and more and more people will think it’s the “new thing,” and feel an increased need to participate – on either side!

IF (and it’ll never happen) the media would leave it alone, it would die. They thrive on publicity. And the more publicity they get, the more they grow. And the more they grow, the bolder they’ll become. Then the bombings we hear threatened, will become more commonplace. And it’s on! I don’t expect a way around it becoming reality. But sadly, only the Cubans and a few other refugees truly understand having to fight for their freedom. Americans have had it too soft (save a tiny percentage that have actually gone to war – but in other countries). We’re in for a very rude and difficult awakening in America, and that will suddenly peel off the veil covering most people’s eyes and minds. I’ve been using my signature line quote for many years – long before I arrived here in this Forum. And it’s been there for a reason – actually multiple reasons.