Much as I would like to see the commies run out of the government, it’s not even close to reality.
They are as entrenched as can be and only have to wait until Trump is done, be it in 2 or 6.

The chances that the conservatives will hold power much past Trump are lower than low.
The revolutionary types won’t allow this to continue, and national suicide is a viable option to prevent not getting their way.

Watch them. Listen to them. Burn it all down to build it the way we want it. Don’t like it, we don’t care, but we will make you pay for it one way or another.

We have all seen it, some have actually experienced it. Can we fight it without becoming what we most despise?

Reality is, America isn’t the place I grew up in anymore. Good bad or indifferent, change happens. I dare say that our grandparents had these same conversations in one form or another.

We shall see what happens next.