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Welcome to the school community, Mike! As a native of Shaky-quaky Southern California, I discovered the need for preps. And as a current dweller in (and future escapee from) San Francisco, I suggest that one prep which you might want to seriously consider, is to “G.O.O.D.”, or at least, to live as far in a favorable direction from “Dodge.” as feasible.

Yes exactly, I believe when living in California, especially in urban places, the first problems we’re gonna be dealing with after an earthquake, are injuries, deaths and breakdown of infrastructure. There can still be a few services active but it’s gonna be very hard for help to reach your turn

So no services, cars and buildings broke down, plus people panicking and maybe looting supplies. Worse case, shootings happening later if there’s widespread hunger. That’s the most SHTF that I can see in the first few days. I know it will get worse as time goes by, and it’s gonna be very tough to recover.

Can you explain me what does “G.O.O.D” mean?