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I am willing to meet people who are from the Southern California area to add to our small group of people.
As Moby posted and states:
Rule #1 have guns
Rule #2 have friends with guns.
Rule#3 Must have (or plan to have) 90 days of preps for you and your family.
Rule#4 Ability/willingness to participate in monthly training required.

Hey everyone, just like Nariyna is, I’m Mike, here in Los Angeles area, looking to connect with real, genuine people who have survival mindsets. I’m preparing for earthquakes and possible civil unrest especially that’s most likely possible in my area.

I believe TRUST and INTEGRITY is key in building successful relationships. Especially if this relationship involves the survival of yours, myself, and the entire community.

If I can sense anyone who doesn’t have one of those tenets, then we can just shake hands, and call it off. It takes two to cooperate.

Anyone here in SoCal or LA area, Feel free to send me a message