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I like the juicy picture that was in the Intercept article. In Sweden they practice “Cuckoldocracy” too. The kids want it here ah well the white guy in the middle will lose his job to the girl on the left who is more priviledged than him. An then his girlfriend will abandon him for the black guy on the other end of the banner. Blacks are so cool you know. Its really dumbed down national social priviledge ism.

I’ve studied the subject from afar aka a very stable marriage and I am really amazed at the attitudes younger women have toward men. I would swear girls are taught to degrade males in school as much as possible so they can replace them with female priviledge. I don’t believe women today will achieve a stable country in the future under their new socialism. In effect they will be doomed like Sweden to economic misery and rape gangs. Wonderful future the socialists have planned for the females of tomorrow. War and depopulation.