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Thanks. Just a clarification – I was never privileged to meet her. I only know of her great influence because she was so well known in this area, and the newspaper from Columbus didn’t used to be quite so useless and a tool of the ruling elite of that city’s government, so they would report from time to time on her activities, and sometimes the threats to her. In a sense I’m mourning the passing of virtually all of the WWII veterans, the Holocaust victims, and the Cubans that were able to get to the United States while they still could. They understood things few understand today, and the immense wisdom they all possessed through experience is virtually lost on today’s population. Without an understanding of such things, we’re doomed to have them repeated. And as your parents have said, “… there is no other country to run to, and we better fight for America.”

There also used to be a highly respected judge in the area who, as a Jewish Major in the U.S. Army, helped liberate a concentration camp in Germany. He often spoke about that stunning experience. He said the people confined at the camp could not even comprehend how a Jewish man could be a military officer, let alone have a firearm, as they began to realize who and what he was, and that they were being freed.

A nationally syndicated radio host from the past (still living but virtually unknown anymore – Ken Hamblin) wrote a book titled, Pick a Better Country. Indeed – and now it’s speeding toward destruction.

For those interested: https://twitter.com/hamblinsr?lang=en