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As you know I love America and love to teach every American what Communism is. I say the same thing that you said ” Sadly, very, very few Americans have any idea that Cuba is what it is” I tell all my American friends that they have no idea what Communism is and sadly there is no way to teach how bad it is. My mother and father which are 88 and 86 tell me that America may have to go throw Communism to know what it is like and never have it again. I tell them that America is not going down that road without a fight. They look at me with hope in there eyes. They tell me there is no other country to run to and we better fight for America.

I am very glade you got to know Elena Diaz-Verson, a great Cuban American. I came to America in 1962, was 4 years old. You can say I am a Cuban American but I am an American.