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LT, could not agree more. I don’t get into it with such people. It’s best left alone in direct confrontation. I have unexpectedly had insights along the way, particularly in very recent years, that suddenly put a great deal of it in place in a manner that it became quite clear. And that was only the result of studying various things that initially didn’t even seem particularly related. I hadn’t picked up my copy of the Manifesto in many years, but something seemingly unrelated suddenly appeared to parallel something I vaguely recalled from the Manifesto. I went searching, and began discovering things I’d never noticed before. Exactly how and why I came to read that last 3/4 page final chapter, I have no idea anymore (it’s now been several years). But things started jumping off that single page at me, almost literally. It was truly an amazing experience. Then I began a very singular study (singular in the sense that no one except my wife knew I was doing so – no outside discussion with anyone until it really began to come together). But it wasn’t singular in the sense that it was all I was spending my time on – my life was far more balanced than that, of course.

It’s a very long story, and not something I’d expect to make any sense here, but just know that it had nothing to do with direct contention – I learned long ago about the futility and even danger of that in some powerful ways (through other people’s experience for the most part, not my own thankfully).

I am willing to share it with others to a point, but am even careful with whom, when, and how much. But trying to resist it in others, is to effectively engage in struggle, and I’ve also learned that such people are incapable of being reasoned with. As it says in a place I trust, “from such turn away.” And those include large numbers within the so-called “liberal” population. Too many have passed the point of even being capable of critical thinking.

But returning to the main point, I strongly believe it’s important to understand that discussing something requires the right terms, or it’s easy to end up not understanding at all. And sometimes that can even include two (or more) people thinking they’re in full agreement, when they’re not even close. The issue of “communism” is just such a discussion. I’m not worried much at all about “communism.” But I’m particularly concerned about what’s being billed as communism in such places as the USSR, China, Cuba, SE Asia, and North Korea, and what the vast majority of Americans think communism is. They think they’re talking about an economic system that just happens to have a tyrannical government – and they’re missing the point and focusing on the wrong thing (exactly what the opposition hopes for). As long as the nation pursues policies consistent with battling “communism,” we’ll lose. But if the opposition is fully understood for what it really is – not the label that muddies the waters – we’re in a better position to properly defend.