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Its called Communism

With all due respect, and understanding that you have considerable knowledge of the once and future CCCP, I have to differ in much more than just the use of one word vs. another to describe something. I strongly maintain that it’s not communism, and understanding that point is crucial. Communism is simply a theoretical economic system that’s never been enacted on a national level, and only briefly approached by a few small groups. It doesn’t exist, and can’t work simply because of at least one of human nature’s principal characteristics: greed.

What it is, is Marxism. Marx carefully camouflaged what he was really writing about by calling it communism, and thus it has become known. But that’s part of the brilliance – by labeling it communism, people get embroiled in endless debates about the economic aspect of it, or at least communism-lite (socialism), and the real fundamentals of the system are rarely if ever discussed in any detail. Marxism is not communism is not Marxism. Marxism is fundamental evil dressed up as a utopian system called the economic system known as communism, when in fact Marxism is fundamental evil, imposing total control over its subjects (ultimately the whole world, if possible). I have come to the conclusion that almost no one (except those that truly know what Marx was really writing about) really understands “The Communist Manifesto” – not even the scholars that teach and study it full time. It took more than 40 years to finally see what’s really in it – right there in front of anyone reading it, but totally missed by virtually everyone. I’ve covered that here before, and won’t bother anyone with it again. I’ll just say that Marxism is what the Soviets, the Chicoms, and others have been after, and they understand well enough to keep packaging it as “communism.” They are not interchangeable terms.

Otherwise, you obviously grasp the situation pretty well, as evidenced by the main body of your post. It’s what I call “fundamental evil” because it’s the easiest to explain and understand under that term. But it is NOT communism. Failure to understand what we’re really up against (and it goes much deeper than I will ever delve here), is to underestimate it by a long shot. And we (here at least) all know what danger there is in underestimating our enemy.