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GS, and everyone else — Re editing a post — I’ve managed to use a workaround of sorts. When I find an error or omission in my post, I
(1) copy the post its entirety by highlighting all of it [“Control C”];
(2) begin the edited post with the word “edited,” or other appropriate comment, drop a line,
(3) paste [“Control V”] the copied text to be edited,
(4) carefully make the necessary edits, and
(5) Submit — i.e., Post. It has worked for me before, but No Guarantees!

The software that allows posts seems to “read” the first word, or line. If it’s the same beginning as in the original, it seems to recognize the rest of it, edited or not, as a repeat of previous post, and rejects it, hence the new first line: “edited.”

Cry, "Treason!"