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Welcome, Halle. And if the following labels you as paranoid, then you’ll be welcome here among your fellow paranoids: “The scenarios I am preparing for are: personal crisis, natural and manmade disaters, economic collapse, invasion of radical, violent ideology (I’m already seeing the signs in my small town), and against a corrupt, self-serving government.” ;-)

With respect to your previous introduction (Prepper Profile) disappearing, it could easily have happened if you had tried to go back and edit the post – especially more than once. There is a glitch in the board software that just sends multi-edited posts off into the ethersphere, never to be seen or heard from again. If you didn’t edit your original post, we can always blame it on the North Koreans or Iran or whoever. (I just tried to edit a couple words of this and it, too, disappeared.) LOL!

Poke around this place, and don’t neglect some of the older threads – there is a real wealth of information here on almost any prepping topic you could want, from a whole lot of very competent folks. Yes, there’s politics too, but hopefully that usually stays in the “News and Current Events” and “Off Topic” subject areas of the Forum (we stray just a bit at times – forgive us). And don’t neglect Selco’s Blog:


I just noticed that there’s an excellent new blog post there I hadn’t seen – well worth the read. That is followed vertically by a long string of older ones beneath it (equally valuable). You’ll come to appreciate Selco even more, as well as gaining great insights.