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I have the rifle on layaway and am making the second payment this week. After doing a lot of research I am even more pleased with my find.

When I went in a couple weeks ago for some reloading components I asked for visitation. While looking at it with a scope I can see that it really was barely fired. I doubt it has more that a few hundred rounds down it. The owner of the shop said that the guy picked it up and started doing some upgrades (cocking lever, trigger pack, stock) then decided that he didn’t like the roller lock. This guy was a friend of the owner and talked the owner into using this PTR as a trade in for a FAL.

Either way, I think I am coming out well. The old pieces come with the rifle as do a double handful of magazines. Since this sale was for his buddy, the shop owner is giving me 15% off parts for this rifle…… Still more expensive than online in most cases, but it is still a nice gesture. I might take him up on the offer if he can get me a G2-RS Fab Defense hand guard. Still not sure what stock I want.


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