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Toby, I fully echo what Whirlibird said. So glad to see you’re still involved, and very sorry to hear things are that “thin” at the top these days. I would hate it if my comments above suggested dissatisfaction with either you or Selco – neither is the case. I only know the result here, not the circumstances at your end. The point was only (as I said at the end) sadness at what used to be here, but still tremendous appreciation for what you have done, and whatever you are able to continue to do. I truly hope the lights do not go out any time soon, even with the very limited activity here in the Forum. The Blog is very valuable and I’ve been glad to see that continue (albeit more sporadically lately), and this Forum is a gold mine for anyone taking the time to go backwards and see the wealth of information available on preparation, protection, etc. It’s been nice to have a place to spout off and unload some of the frustration that builds up because of the political situations of the day around the world, but the library of preparedness info is THE primary value.

If it’s possible to somehow get the search feature to work, that would be wonderful – it would allow much better “mining” of the preparedness information over the years. That information does not need to be lost! Also, tagging is still allowed, but if there’s a way to actually use it to find things, I have never found it – I just assumed that the search function would use the tagging.

Also, when going back and editing posts for typos or re-wording, the board software often just totally deletes posts and removes them from the list of recently added posts. If that can be resolved, it would reduce frustrations.

Finally, if there’s a way to make this an HTTPS:// site (i.e. secure), that would be very much appreciated. No one’s safe anymore, but it would be wonderful to at least have that added layer of cyber-protection if you can arrange it (click on attachment for info).

Again, thanks to you and Selco for all you do. It cannot be overstated.