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The article goes on to list a whole host of “reasons” why the town can’t get water, such as contaminated water in the area, being in a flood area, not economically viable for Dallas to help them out, yada, yada, yada. Personally, I think it all boils down to one sentence:

“We got six cases of water from a donor but two have already gone in the last hour,” said Keahey, eyeing the line of people waiting for their weekly handout of food and water from the Mount Zion Baptist church in Sandbranch … .

Translation: “I’m sittin’ on my a$$ a’waitin’ fer somebody else to take care of me. And I’m blamin’ it on my skin color.”

(The latter sentence of that translation comes from the direct quote in the article:

“We don’t have water here and you know why? The pigment of my skin. If I were white like you I bet they’d have water down here.”

Then there are the two seemingly incompatible facts that (1) the average monthly income in Sandbranch is a mere $720, while (2) at least one resident talks about getting her so-called news about the injustices of the world from MSNBC (which does NOT come through inexpensive antennas on over-the-air local broadcast TV). As usual, people typically spend their money and their efforts based on personal priorities….