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Possible barter goods: motor oil,.lube grease, soaps, detergents, household bleach, water purification filters, surgical and work gloves, surgical dressings, disinfectants, sterile saline, feminine needs, small files, drill bits, small boxes of nails and construction screws of various lengths. food-grade buckets with lids. Many of these things will be available through normal sources … until they just aren’t, any longer.

If you can stay where you are, and trade with the people in your neighborhood/town, you may only need to provision yourself/family to ease decline into the Middle Ages. If you expect to need to abandon your present digs before your continuing life/health betrays you to the authorities, then you already know what to stock.

There’s a point of decline, past which, life itself has little value, except to irritate those pushing for further decline.

Cry, "Treason!"