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Mitt Romney is a broken bat. If he had been elected dog catcher it would have been a screwball game with tobacco juice spinning off all over the place.

Don’t count that dangerous clown out – there’s a strong and growing movement to put him in Orrin Hatch’s seat in the Senate, and I truly fear they’ll be successful. There is a subset of the LDS population in Utah often referred to as “Utah Mormons” by many Latter-day Saints outside Utah, and even some within the State. “Utah Mormons” is not a term of endearment (far from it!) and has nothing to do with the religion itself. Sadly, that subset will sickly back Mitt Romney or other whacko politicians like the recent presidential candidate Evan McMullin. They’re about as immune to reason as the most whacked out fringe corner of the Evangelical movement. Utah used to be able to be counted on to support decent candidates at the national level, yet they turn around and elect people like Orrin Hatch, or overwhelmingly support Romney no matter what. Meanwhile they’ll let thoroughly decent people like Congresswoman Mia Love swing in the wind because she doesn’t have the right pedigree. Watch out for Mitt Romney – we ain’t heard the last of him by any means, sadly.