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Coincidentally, this topic is actually the topic of a brand new article by Doug Casey that’s worth the read (part 2 of it will be out tomorrow). As with a few other articles I’ve linked before, I am NOT recommending ANY of the other material (especially the promotional material) on this page – just the title article.

Doug Casey on Why Race Will Break the U.S. Apart, Part I


I still think a lot of Doug Casey, but deeply regret that he sold his company (Casey Research) to Porter Stansberry, one of the great financial scam artists of our day, in my opinion. But Casey is still retained by Stansberry to be trotted out for occasional articles to keep the old subscribers happy, I suppose, and occasionally he still delivers a decent, thought provoking article. This is certainly worth the read – sounds like some of the same things we’ve seen posted in these pages over time. If you like it, you can go back for part 2 tomorrow.