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Its the one year anniversary. The lib are going out into the streets to scream at the Trump sky. Whats so bad about that. Trump according to them was going to be impeached 6 months ago.

Now we’re really getting tremendous amounts of fake news thrown around. The dems aren’t doing any better. Its the liars selling more newspapers, writing more garbage. Even numbers appear to be lies now. The shooter in Texas shot 400 rounds in one church. He killed everyone. Right? How many people were killed in Vegas. Who really knows. Whats the deficit of the US? Haven’t a clue. Is there a budget? Everytime you ask a politician a serious question what do you get the same answer. Crap. The US economic system is way down the tube or gone. Where are the tax reductions? Where’s the solution to the medicaid problem. How can the unemployment number be so low. What is being paid in Illinois. All questions without answers. Where is President Trump. Trying to cut a deal with China or trying to push a new US credit card scheme on them. Golf is really a fun game eh.

The next seven years. Is there really a chainsaw attachment for an AR? No way. Hey why not.

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