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Don’t be too sure the real forces behind Antifa aren’t very active, very organized, etc. I do not recommend going to the sight unless you have a means of doing so anonymously (such as Startpage search engine using their “proxy” feature). But otherwise, take a look at revcom.us – the sight for the Revolutionary Communist Party. You’ve seen their signs in demonstrations all across the country, you just didn’t know where they came from except for a handful of accidental screenings in the first few hours of unrest on the newsmedia – then those images disappeared while all other early shots of demonstrations continued as an endless loop for days. The ones that disappeared actually showed “REVCOM.US” on the bottoms of the signs, and the media clearly told stations to stop showing those shots (as did the major networks, including FoxNews). Antifa is closely associated with the Rev Com folks, and THEY are the ones continuing to act behind the scenes. We may just be seeing lots of test probes still, to see what happens after certain events, what happens in various places, etc. Yes, there are a bunch of snowflake pansies on the front lines, and all we have to do is yell, “BOO!” and they’ll melt. But that’s only what they’re showing for now. Stand by for news! as Paul Harvey used to say. Yesterday’s elections are not encouraging, and in one year we restructure Congress most likely.

And something about as powerful as the supervolcano under Yellowstone is brewing under Antarctica, melting the west end of that continent from beneath! So much for MANmade warming. Could it be that the Creator has had his fill, and is finally saying, “Enough!”?


LOL! More fake news. Somebody was about to write about a theoretical “plume” under Antarctica, somebody else picked up the press release but didn’t bother reading the original paper, and lo and behold, more fake news. Chalk one up for Newsweek and their always {choke!} thorough fact-checking. Let’s see what the author of the original paper has to say about it:


So, Antifa has a few more days to organize a real revolution after all, before the world ends anyway. Or not. :-)