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They realized the country is in the mood to bushwick Frisco and Bloomberg nyc after Tennasee and Texas church shootings.

Oh and the Bikepath
Schumer’s death lotto scheme.

Who has forgotten the Revolving door for criminal immigrants the democrats set up. Kate’s law is still hung up in the senate. Shame on them.

Donna Brazile thought she would be killed by hillary like Seth Rich.

Demos moral high ground turned into bog. Noxious evil smelling filth. Dossicrap paid for by Hillary Clinton. Obama fusion to cover her messes.

Contemptible snowflakes stay silent, while their left wing parents CNN urge people to disarm. The Soros paid faction of red army

What an incredible Machievellian parade of scandal! Hitlerly deserves to lose everything. Wealth pensions position power and spend the rest of her life in solitary confinement supermax.

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