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Ahhh, but we all survived the Antifa Uprising on Saturday.

Awaiting the magnetic pole shift today – should be fun!

And tomorrow and Wednesday we get more of the wind the sun just passed out of its northern hole.

Sad thing about the Texas church shooter is that the gun law to prevent this shooting WAS already in place – for the past 20 years. Due to his conviction in an Air Force court martial for domestic violence against both his wife and child, he automatically fell under the no guns for life Lautenberg Amendment. But we will hear more screams of, “We need more gun laws!!!!!” Of course that didn’t even stop this One Delta Ten Tango from posting his new “bad b_tch” gun on his Facebook page. Sigh….

Man! Just look at what all happened as a result of that simulated CME from 4-6 November!