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I’m not saying Brazile isnt a nut. Afterall she wanted Biden to replace Hillary. Rather than concede the race she attemted to pull the DNC out of its divebomb with a trojan horse. Compared to Hillary, the guy streetnamed Uncle Joe really displayed erratic behavior. A weinstein who liked to drink excessive amounts of booze and grab women.

There is evidence CMEs and solar flares can cause abnormal behavior. Scientists track cell phones in cars, shopping behavior, visits to doctors, eating disorders. Why not attribute Antifa behavior to solar cycles and make a few relevant predictions. Democrats dont have to go out and scream at the sky because of Trump. Magnetic lines of force can send them over the edge, like the herd animals they are in reality. Witness the ban guns behavior of celebrities. The killer at the church was stopped by a citizen with a gun. But the demo herd links arms and chants antifa slogans anyway. When does simulated mean real. Thats the question. Is psychotronics real. Looks like it.

Solar sector boundary crossing. Nov 6. Prepare for it. :-)

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