Went out with the KSG today . I like it a lot ! The action is very smooth , apparently the gen 1 , had issues of being rough . The gen 3 is fine . I loaded up one tube with 1 oz slug , the other with #4 shot . It fed fine , switched between tubes with no issues . Options that I chose were 1} front hand stop 2} after market pop up sights . As a bullpup , it does take a bit of getting used to . I read complaints about it jamming if you short stroke it , t dont understand why , or how you could short stroke the KSG , as the stroke is so short to begin with . Only two issues for me . They dont even give you a front bead to aim with , its just a simple rail , so unless you get sights for it , shootings slugs with real accuracy is going to be a challenge . The other issue is that I can already see , is that I am going to have to get a stock extender . I have long arms , and need the extra pull , but Im used to that . I had to do it with some of my AKs . Other than that , it performs well , and fires good . Like anything that is out of the ordinary , it just takes some time to get used to its ” quirks ” .