Dealing with them is simple.
Identify, arrest reports/police blotters are your friends.
Locate them. Be it on campus, in mommy’s basement, at work.

Destroy. Get them fired. Kicked out of school.
Get them arrested.
Take away the trust fund (in whatever form)
and leave them a jabbering mess.

Follow them, locate others, continue.

.Call in driving complaints about their driving.
Obviously they have to have been driving at the time.

Anonymous face masks? They have to take them off sometime.
Post their name, pic and details online.
Gonna have a hard time explaining being called a terrorist with pictures right there.

Back when, there used to be a term used by the loonies, “Monkey Wrenching”.
Time to appropriate the actions for our own, except to use the legal system to our advantage, against them.

Let the fun and games begin.