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I don’t like Trump. That said, he’s being mercilessly attacked. And that’s not for the purpose of simply getting rid of him personally, but for the purpose of taking down the Presidency, creating a crisis, and thereby further weakening the entire government (and more immediately, our actual vulnerability to outside attack during the chaos that would ensue with such a takedown).

Initially, I tended to buy into the media depiction of the first Trump response. But I’ve listened to his entire remarks, and frankly, I can’t find a whole lot I disagree with. The news media, as usual, is shaping the public perception of what’s going on, Mitt Romney is piling on (again) and trying to take down a sitting President, and other “news” is failing to reach almost anybody. There’s far more going on than just a minority of true white racists bent on actual extermination of Jews, blacks, and anybody that doesn’t fit the “proper” racial profile. The anarcho-facists are as much or more a threat to the nation as a whole, yet when Trump called them out also, he was accused of creating a “moral equivalence” between the two. What?!? Saul Alinsky has to be spinning in his grave with glee (assuming he’s not where he said he wanted to be – in hell with Lucifer’s followers because he considered them his kind of people – read the Playboy interview about his dedication of “Rules for Radicals” if you’re not familiar with that).

The bottom line is that the coordinated movement to destroy anything of any remaining value from the Constitutional Republic is having great success thanks to the increasingly “mainstream” far left Democrats, allied closely with the so-called “media.” Soviet propaganda from the 1960s had absolutely nothing on what we’ve got here today. I listened to it as a kid – amazed at what I was hearing – and then studied it, their philosophy, and their results, and have also extensively and purposefully studied what’s happened and is happening in this country since. It doesn’t matter, on one hand, whether I like Trump’s style, his demeanor, his tweets, etc. What I do like is the overall direction I see as the potential for where we could end up in eight more years. I’m not optimistic we’ll ever get there, largely because we’re being told/forced/brainwashed as a society to focus only one minute portions of what’s important. It’s brilliant – and it’s unfortunately working “nicely.”