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But the Judge in Ohio certainly got the better of his attacker with a handgun. Betcha that idiot didn’t expect the judge to be carrying. I feel awful that the judge was hit, but I love the story otherwise, because the more people that are carrying and take down assailants of any variety, the better in America. I know it’s been seen here before, but despite being hilarious I love the following simply because it’s what should be happening all over the nation in such circumstances:

And then there are these other scenarios. Yes, they’re fun(ny) to watch, but in reality we also need to literally have more and more of this, and for it to become better and better known and understood as the norm, not a “right wing extremist” position – just a commonly exercised right, period. We are not like any other country, and we need to stop trying to be. The founders had it right, overall – by including the 1st through 10th but NOT the 16th and 17th Amendments. Now back to the subject at hand:

Slight mistake in this one – DON’T put on flip-flop slippers first! But otherwise…. ;-)

etc., etc., etc….