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Jason Kessler is a double agent. I couldn’t prove he coordinated with Governor McAwful on holding the cops back until people were injured/killed, but I have no doubt he set up the “March” as an Antifa ambush.

Oh my, L Tecolote! So gullible. The ever-faithful Washington Post debunked that ridiculous rumor days ago!

So, I simply cannot be true. If it was, it would have to mean that an Occupy guy actually set up something for those anarcho-lefties to go after, all for the purposes of further weakening the entire U.S. government (or what’s left of it) by also setting up the President for further ridicule. Certainly we cannot go down THAT road!

With that said, we do have to mark this as a day to go down in history when the SPLC and WaPo actually disagree.