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Freedom, I agree that Soros is corrupting anything within his considerable reach. He’s just the front man for a deeper, older, pool of money and evil intent, anyway.

Leftist confidence in their ultimate victory never faltered. If they couldn’t prevent Trump from taking office, no matter. They expect to stymie every legislative change he has proposed, (which also makes me wonder a lot about Justice Gorsuch.) The bulk of media, academia, and “entertainment” are commies who expect their “moral superiority” will enable them to live like commissars once they’ve taken over. I think they are so confident of taking over that they believe they can afford to show us how they’re rigging things — a form of digital salute, and a discouragement for the thinking few who will bother to contemplate it.

It’s a spiritual battle as much as it is physical. One way or another, we’re likely to see what the Germans/Russians/Chinese/Cambodians learned.Parabellum!

Cry, "Treason!"