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Brulen, you must understand that somebody from Lebanon is “the same” as somebody from Japan, Mongolia, North Korea, etc., don’tchaknow!!! ;-) The “Middle East” is now solidly classified as part of Asia. It’s interesting that older, especially more ancient maps (1700s, for example), don’t show the Middle East as part of Asia, but as we’ve gotten more and more “enlightened” in the “modern” world, we now are wise enough to just hook ‘em all together, and call that just one big continent. I’m certain the tectonic plate boundaries are absolutely along political boundaries, of course. So, yes, in today’s modern vernacular, an Armenian, Turk or Lebanese is continentally equivalent to a Vietnamese or Filipino. But an Egyptian is an AFRICAN, don’tchaknow! Never mind that they’re right across the dune from the Saudis. And don’t you dare try to classify the Egyptians in with the Israelis – those Israelis are part of Asia, just like their brethren in Iran and India. C’mon, man! Get your politically correct geography straight! LOL Anything to keep from callin’ ‘em Arabs or Muslims! They’re just like those continental cousins only a short drive away in the Philippines!

Want a really good fight, though? Try calling an Iranian an Arab or camel driver. You’ll instantly get, with great emphasis both verbally and bodily, “I am PERSIAN. I am NOT Arab!!!!!!” (Nothing like a good squabble between Asians. ;-) )

(Just so there’s no misunderstanding because of black/white on a computer screen without voice tone or facial expression, the preceding all comes with great sarcasm aimed at the world’s politically-dictated idiocy, not you.)


Oh – and never mind that there are separate Arab, Filipino, and Indian plates, or that the Eurasian (!) plate extends all the way from the Atlantic Ocean to the Australia, Filipino, and North American plates. Somebody clearly didn’t clue in God, who obviously broke up the plates the wrong way! So just bring on them Mongols! LOL