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Excellent summary on federal regulations regarding cash:


Again, the usual disclaimer and warning – I used to rely on Casey Research immensely (note the past tense there). The name, Casey Research, is now owned and operated by Porter Stansberry, not Doug Casey, who is a minority owner, and only involved part time with the operation (occasional articles, as far as I can tell).

However, if you totally avoid reading any of the shaded boxes or other sales promotion links on ANY articles on the Casey Research site, you can gather plenty of still-good factual information. Stansberry is famous for the “tease.” He’ll put out just enough teasing factual information, have a click-link, and then you’re into the real sales pitch (he’s among the VERY best at this on line – along with associates Bill Bonner, Jim Rickards, Agora, etc., etc., etc.). Disregard every bit of that, and just read the above-linked article, titled: Financial Martial Law. That’s not at all an overblown title, even if it is intended as a come-on for yet another (near daily) Stansberry sales pitch. Just read the article and see the latest on what’s legal and what’s not (most everything!) in the way of using cash.

I’m sorely disappointed in Attorney General Sessions for his ramping up (again) of the civil asset forfeiture laws, and encouraging state and local jurisdictions to feel more empowered to engage in “legal” hold-ups of law abiding citizens, all for the purpose of getting more “revenue.” I had better beliefs about Sessions than that – but apparently he’s just another one of the gang (literally).