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Watch for “revisions,” as the case progresses.

Yes, it’s already starting. Now all of a sudden, the police were responding TO her 911 call, they were driving in the alley with their flashing lights off, saw a male on a bike in his 20s who apparently watched it all go down (they’re now asking him to come forward), and:

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) said Justine Damond, 40, whose maiden name is Justine Ruszczyk, approached the driver’s side window of the squad car immediately after the driver had been startled by the sound. The officer in the passenger seat, Mohamed Noor, fired his weapon, hitting Damond through the open driver’s side window, the BCA said. … The BCA said its information was based on an interview with the officer driving the car, Officer Matthew Harrity.


The DRIVER was startled, but the passenger fired his weapon. What happened to the “she was talking with the driver” portion of the story – the part “officials” did release initially? Now they’ve got her “approach[ing]” the driver’s side window “immediately after the driver had been startled by the sound.” I’m sorry, but why does this give the appearance of the even “rookier” officer beginning to cover for his only slightly more experienced partner – who’s already got three complaints in less than two years on the force?

The Somali cop has lawyered up and is “declining” to talk with investigators because by law he’s not required to.

Since there aren’t any currently available witnesses besides the dead woman and the two cops, where did the “official” story come from that the woman was talking to the driver on the driver’s side? Talking is an ongoing process that by definition had already begun and was in progress when she was shot – according to the original report by “officials.” NOW we hear there was a loud noise (some unexplained speculation is that it was fireworks), and the passenger officer shot through the door (open window) across his partner. But the passenger officer suddenly ain’t talkin’ to nobody! I’ll reserve judgement, but color me more than a bit skeptical at present.

Oh – and now 72 hours later, we’re still waiting for them to finish transcribing the 911 call that they won’t release – we’ll only get to read their alleged transcription of it. If we can read it whenever they get around to transcribing it, why can’t we just listen to it now? Have they been taking lessons from the same folks masterminding the Donald Jr. meeting details rollout? Spare me the grief….