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WB, I did indeed create a post 8+ hours ago, but it’s disappeared (yet again). I’ve had this happen probably close to a dozen times now on this web site. Somebody apparently doesn’t like my posts. What you see above really was posted in January. I just came looking for the South Africa thread today because of some brand new news pertaining to the Chinese having established their first-ever foreign military base. While it’s not in South Africa, it’s at least on the continent (Djibouti), right in the middle of a hotbed area. I provided a link that I’m not going to bother to try to find again in which a Chinese official was quoted – in their own news outlet – as saying, “It’s not like we’re trying to take over the world,” or something extremely close to that. :-/ And these are the people that Trump hopes will help “fix” NK – while they just ramped up trade with NK by 40%? And now they’ve created a military base on a whole different continent – Africa – on top of their heavy involvement/investment already with SA. Obviously folks in Africa aren’t heeding any warnings to beware of Chinese bearing gifts….

Let’s see how long THIS post stays up. I’m about ready to just give up here.