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I find one of the biggest problems with many of the “Coexist” Westerners is the fact that they are completely ignorant. They have not read the quran nor have they done any real, unbiased research from which to draw their conclusions. The phenomenon is not isolated to religion for “academia” tends to have no clue what is going on in the real world so they make things up to support their delusions. The “polar bears are drowning” fiasco is a prime example of this mindset – using anecdotal evidence from bush pilots as the basis for “climate change” evidence.

You must first understand that Islam does not allow anyone to interpret the religious writings and everything must be taken literally. Then take some time to read those writings. Ultimately, you will come to the rational conclusion that Islam is a religion of hate. There is no other conclusion to be drawn.

I can pass along book and verse to support my statements if needed. It would be more beneficial for anyone that disagrees to just read the books themselves, however.