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Tolik, I agree with you on the differentiation between liberals and leftists. Living where we do the majority are liberal. Most of them are not leftists. At the same time there are conservatives and there is the far right or religious right. Not sure which is the better label. The majority of conservatives are to the right of center but not so far as to be deemed far/religious right. Conservatives believe in individual freedoms, personal accountability, and small govt. Conservatives can agree to disagree with liberals. The far/religious right might say similar things but then they want to control how everybody lives their life. They claim quite the contrary but then pull out the bible to justify their intrusion into bedrooms and any other aspect of your life they don’t like. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a de facto theocracy and it was a pretty harsh place to live. At present the far/religious right does not pose a threat to the rest of us because they do not control cities, schools, the major media, or govt bureaucracies in the manner that the leftists increasingly do. Both extremes are problematic in their own way but at present only the leftists pose a real threat.