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Ah, chard! We learned to love that years ago, and for some reason have not thought to plant it recently. Others claim it doesn’t do well in summer, but we simply haven’t found that to be true. I don’t know if it’s a function of the raised beds on almost solid clay making for good drainage out the bottom, or what, but we’ve had good luck with chard almost all year ’round in the past. I just love all the varieties! Thanks for the reminder Wildartist.

And what do you do about drainage with the stock tanks – holes drilled in the bottom? I kind of like the idea of stock tanks, if they’re large enough and not too deep. What size (dimensions – especially depth) do you use? (we’re currently using three 4×6′ raised ground beds using cedar sides, along with a much longer garden using concrete bricks for sides) And how many years do you get out of the stock tanks before the zinc begins to significantly corrode on the inside, especially?