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“President Obama commuted his sentence immediately before leaving the White House back in January.”
The fact that he did it, coupled with the fact that it has received almost zero national coverage, coupled with the fact that he (Obama) got away with it, tells us all that we need to understand.

I used to think that we’d about reached “the last straw,” and that the next one would be “the one” that triggered the uprising. It feels to people like us that this SHOULD have been the last straw, but so have other straws seemed like they should have been the last one even before now. The fact that none of them were, and the further fact that it seems unlikely that the uprising will be large enough or widespread enough to make any difference if it even happens, also tells us the condition of our nation, and the world. I’d be clinically depressed and in despair if I didn’t have something more to lean on. I’m just so very thankful I don’t have to live in NY, CA, Chicago, DC, or any number of other so-called blue states and cities.

Interestingly, my wife and I were watching TV together earlier this evening and saw a commercial with Mark Wahlberg. My wife suggested we look to see if “Shooter” was one of our available “freebies” in our paid subscription plan (unfortunately it was not, and it was getting a bit late to start it anyway after a long day – maybe tomorrow evening as a rental). A very satisfying piece of fantasy, and richly symbolic given that it starts with a person who just wants to be left alone to live his own life, in peace. But he had two things going for him: skills and no one else dependent on him (except his dog, and they took “care” of that for him), and at that point, he had nothing left to lose. Oh that we had more than a few Bob Lee Swaggers…. (and Mr. Rates).