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I’ll take whatever Trump can get done, but that doesn’t change what I think of him as a person. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, yet given the other alternatives, he was probably the best hope for finally making some real changes – if that’s possible. I doubt he’s got more than 8-10 months left for meaningful change, at best. They’re already looking to the 2018 elections (both parties), and are willing to do ANYthing to damage Trump for their own purposes. Thankfully, though he’s a political novice as far as actually being in the arena, not just playing with it from without, Trump understands power, threats, carrots, sticks, etc. And he’s built enough of a network that with a great deal of luck added to his skill – and some potentially brilliant cabinet picks – he MIGHT just pull off meaningful changes. But he might just blow it all anyway. At any rate, I expect Congress, the Supremes, various deeply entrenched elements in the agencies, and the news media to all be collectively successful in a well-coordinated effort to the Republican majority in both houses of Congress in 2018, or 2020 at very latest (the word “collectively” was not used randomly). And they MIGHT even be able to oust Trump by 2020. The real coup would be if they can take Pence out with him (that’s starting). Do I believe “loyal” Republicans could generate enough votes to successfully impeach him, even on “trumped up” (no pun intended – or maybe it was….) charges? Oh yes. We forget how many power brokers in Congress were among the official never-Trumpers, or at least right at the front lines of the cheering section. They’re still there, just waiting for their chances. We hear almost nothing from Little Marco, or from Lyin’ Ted just as examples – I suspect they’re laying low, just waiting for their opportunity. And Mitt Romney has been absolutely silent – I simply do not believe he’s done yet, just waiting for his next opportunity.

I wish I could figure out what REALLY drove Jason Chaffetz out of office so suddenly. He said he wouldn’t run again, but all of a sudden – just six months into his new term – he’s resigning outright. That smells really bad.

And the sudden retraction by Fox News of the Seth Rich story is exceptionally telling, in my opinion. I don’t like Sean Hannity one bit. But I do have to say that he’s put together one heck of a case that I simply have not seen all together in one place anywhere else. IF true, and I lean heavily in that direction now that I’ve seen considerable additional evidence of which I was previously unaware, that story is an absolute key in the effort to get rid of Trump. And IF Hannity’s allegation is true, the massive effort to discount the allegation that Rich was the source of the Wikileaks about the DNC, not the Russians, constitutes the set-up for taking down Trump. It’s just too, too coordinated for my comfort. Just as Hannity came out with his big story about that roughly a week ago, suddenly at least five well known “news” sources simultaneously published stories denouncing the theory that Rich was murdered because he’d spilled the dirt to Wikileaks. Hannity’s treading on extremely thin ice on this one, potentially risking his career (who else would hire him!), in directly denouncing Fox News for retracting their story. Why?

Regardless of any of that, I have to step back, take a deep breath, and simply remind myself of what I already know. There is fundamental evil in this world, it is very organized and very powerful, and much of that evil and power is centered in D.C. My years-old signature line is as it is for that fundamental reason.

Paranoid? Call it what you will…. I call it THE organized effort to finally take the major step in ridding the United States of any further functional claim to being a constitutional republic, or even based on the Constitution in any manner. The Constitution is all now just bait-and-switch advertising copy, useful as such to both sides of the aisle. If Trump is removed from office, particularly through non-electoral means, it’s game over. This is not about Trump, this is about what previously constituted the United States of America. This is not about Trump – Trump just got in the way (or maybe was actually ALLOWED to by manipulation of JUST enough votes in the “right” states to win the Electoral College). He may be much more of a useful idiot than anyone imagined, despite what he thinks of himself. From purely a games theory perspective, this is a most fascinating time to live in.

I’d say that’s just my 2¢, but at only an average of 3% growth per year, that 2¢ in 1776 is now worth about $25.