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With vacuum sealers (we wouldn’t be without one), remember you can also get canning jar attachments to seal regular canning jars. That could be VERY useful for some items where breakage of the jars isn’t too likely. We store a good bit of food in vacuum-packed 1-qt and ½-gallon jars (don’t even THINK about the small mouth jars, though – get the wide mouth jars). If you use a FoodSaver device, you can get the wide mouth adapter at Amazon for about $10:


Once sealed, you don’t even need the screw-on cap – if you’re using decent canning lids, they won’t be knocked off the jar, they’re really sealed solidly by the outside air pressure on the lid. CAREFULLY use a bottle-opener, with minimum pressure to pry up an edge until air starts seeping in (you’ll hear it distinctly), and you can re-use the lids many, many times if you don’t distort them by trying to just quickly pop open the tops with a lot of force.

If I just had a spare $100 right now to spend on prepping, I’d get 6-7 more “LifeStaws.” They’ll filter 1000 gallons of water each to nearly perfect safety. You can be prepped to the hilt, but without safe drinking water, you’re done.


Finally – though bulky, consider spending some of that money on toilet paper. I suspect that will be a HIGHLY appreciated barter item in a widespread SHTF situation – either that or paper towels, or both. Of course that assumes you expect (or hope) to be relatively stationary, given the bulk.