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Trump tries to stand in the way of TPTB continuing and completing our enslavement. Problem is, he doesn’t seem to understand how deep his opposition is. He.seems to regard his stated aims as simply a businesslike punch list of practical things to check off, one at a time, rather than a complete program of interrelated (and often mutually dependent) political goals.

He was elected by people who were tired of the way they, their culture, and the laws that supported, and guaranteed their rights are being eroded and undermined at an increasing pace. But he’s chosen to take at least some of his guiding advice from people who have vastly different political aims than he has (if in fact, he truly thinks of them as political) probably because he knows they understand the world of politics better than himself. This apparently includes members of his own family, who, while they may wish him well personally, disagree with him politically nearly as much as his openly avowed enemies in media and CONgress, but may lack the honesty to tell him so.

I don’t think he yet comprehends how, longstanding, organized, and incestuous his opposition is. For all its intrigue, the business world is rarely as cabalistic, and spins, if not on a dime, at least reliably on a dollar. Not necessarily so, is the political world, filled with ancient inherited hatreds, and intergenerational dreams of ever more power, in which, if it could somehow be achieved, even enough would not be enough.

Trump can keep his office by going along to get along, or be bucked at every turn by his own sandbagging party (who now get to blame every delay on Democrats.) Either way, by abandoning his stated aims, or by being stymied, he’ll disappoint enough of his erstwhile supporters to lose the next election.

The late Lee Rodgers often said, “Don’t ever fall in love with a politician — they’ll only break your heart,” and that the only way to look at one was … down.

Cry, "Treason!"

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