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Tolik et all. no one votes for more taxes. They just happen like the rain. And then we get new rules. Until one day everybody decides to tear it down and start over again. It happens on a regular basis. The technology lives on and new monkeys come to take their places in government. Our next scheduled tear down looks to be fairly close. The old racket is getting to complicated and not quite convincing. This is an unsecure and possibly subversive thought. There aren’t enough paying passengers on the train to pay for all the new weapons systems. That is a problem. The democrats would kill everybody and the republicans are just more selective in their enemy selection. 1941 Deja vu. Screw fox and CNN. The scotus can’t even read the old document these days. Death by hackers seems an appropriate outcome. New weapons to fulfill the ancient urge. Enjoy the carnage and live.