Tax dollars ? Well yes , thats how it works . I would much rather it be spent on a completely new weapon system , than paying for some illegal aliens health care . After all , they are going to tax me , with or without my consent , so it may as well be productive . The M16 was exactly that when it was introduced . Have you also asked them about how being on the receiving end of a 30 cal round is , vs , trying to uproot the bad guys cover with the 556 ? and coming up short . You need a sniper , get a sniper . Fact is , as you well know , both now and historically , infantry vs. infantry combat is not long range , but uncomfortably close in . 100 yards or less . As far as telling them they have to carry half the ammo load ? We are not talking about a 3rd world army here , they have the logistics to keep them in ammo , you know that as well as anybody else . They dont have trouble keeping the machine gun fed , their rifles wont go hungry either . Just Sayin
All things aside , it really isnt any big deal from a manufacturing point of view . Thats what they do . They do it on their own , every time they come out with a new product .Its a win / win situation . The military gets Exactly what they want , and not having to settle for off the shelf . The manufacturer wins with a contract . It goes deeper than that tho , The manufacturer makes it for the military , AND then starts selling a civil version to the people , much like the AKM and AR15 . Yes they have to retool , etc , but thats part of being in business , its an expected , and one time expense , for both the manufacturer and the government paying for it . New cartridges ? Hell yes , send them down . Manufactures also tinker , would not be surprised if they already have prototypes already tested , and put on some back shelf , waiting for the need , much like auto manufactures do . Everybody wins , the Military , the Manufactures , the People . Your absolutely right , it doesnt have to be a 30 cal . , but its a good place to start . The Russians use a 9mm rifle round in a designated marksman role . Vietnam pot smoking shitbirds ? Yes , but it was that kind of war now wasnt it ? I mean seriously , kill off a bunch of guys to take a position , just to turn around and give it right back to the NVA ? WTF ?!!!! That goes against all common sense and principles of warfare ( for those that want to win a war ) Ground once taken from the enemy , must not be given back . If I got drafted , for a crap war ,in a crap country , where we had no intention of winning ( in the actual meaning of the word ) . I would smoke some pot , and frag bad officers as well . It did accomplish one positive thing tho . Which is that the Supreme court ruled that the draft was a two edged sword , meaning that yes congress has the right to start conscription , in order to raise an army , but at the same time , they must first declare war on an enemy . IE : the only constitutional need for an army to be raised with conscription . Hence , the all volunteer military , because we have not actually declared war on an enemy sense 1941 .