A lot of the grunts I know would love to drop to 70lb for full kit.
The SF combat medic I was arguing this with runs one of the heaviest packs in his squad, and he’s pushing 120lbs. Nobody is under 90.
FYI he’s trying to cut more weight off his M4!

Rolling gear? If it don’t go bang, boom or have a sharp edge, is still hitting close to 50 lbs.

The whole metro bs, sorry gents, these aren’t the volunteers of today’s military.

Thirty caliber ain’t all its cracked up to be.
Heavy bullet, larger case limits the number of rounds that can be carried. And the carbine rounds like the .300 BO or x39 don’t have the long range accuracy or punch they are looking for.

Go tell your ground pounder he’s suddenly carrying half the ammo, see what response you get. I’ll wait.

Finding a middle ground choice is the best option. Unless you want to spring for a whole new weapons system and gear with your tax dollars. .

Again, the 6.8 SPC is proven, commonly available and no changing of handling or maintenance.

As to the snips about the modern military not being as tough as earlier generations, I don’t know which kids you are looking at, but the ones I’ve run into lately are not the pot smoking officer fragging shitbirds of yesteryear.
These kids are smart enough and tough enough to have the intelligence call Barrett customer service during a firefight to get their .50 back in service.

We still have the best military and the best people out there. And the gear ain’t bad either.

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