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Were past people just tougher than we are today ?

Yes Tolik, they were — at least on average. Given the harder conditions of past ages, the survivors (many died, just growing up) had to be, on average, tougher than people raised in easier conditions. Not only did they have to do more physical labor to get done all the tasks of just producing a living, but they had less ease when chores were done. Are some people today as tough? Yes, indeed some are, but far too many are not.

As you point out, it takes deliberate effort to gain, and maintain, physical conditioning, and the never-give-up attitude that it takes to fight battle after battle, and still come home human. Can some of today’s young people do that? Yes, but certainly not all, and nowhere near as high a percentage as in times past? Will they? The numbers tell the story.

Certainly some of the impetus to train and perfect comes from the Drill Instructor screaming commands and insults. But not all. Some of it must come from the toughening (or not) that the individual developed growing up, physical, mental, and attitudinal. Some of it must come from example, by what a kid sees others do, growing up, and from a natural spirit of competition, allowed and encouraged.

Given the way most modern kids spend more time under the influence and tutelage of the Public Fool System, than under the guidance and example of their parents, given the way they, boys especially, are constantly encouraged to “get in touch with their feminine side,” and are given high grades for mediocre work and trophies for “participating,” much of the mental and physical competitiveness gets (deliberately, to my mind) stomped out of them. The requisite toughness can’t all be restored by simply screaming at them as young adults, no matter how loud the DI”s voice.

At least within my own experience, there were far too many things I was asked, or expected to do, for which I had no natural, innate talent. I won’t say that I overcame all deficits, to be anything remotely resembling the perfect man. But I will say that the example of my parents, the desire not to be left behind, and the desire to accomplish what I could, pushed me to learn the 3R’s, do many tasks that I might rather have left undone, and become as independent as a suburban upbringing would allow. Had I not had those examples, and some latitude in being competitive (even, on occasion, combative) I’d surely have been the lesser for it.

The chores and lessons I groused about as I went about my childhood and adolescence were advantages that can only be appreciated in hindsight. Sadly, Metro Mark often lacks those advantages, and likely, he’s had schoolteachers diligently feminizing him for twelve years. After he acquires an adult body it’s a bit late to try to resurrect both the mental and physical toughness he, by rights, should have developed as a boy. He’d better watch out, or his kid sister will kick his @$$.

GS, no doubt, it’ll be a kinder, gentler military, especially once they get that 5 lb. self-cleaning battle rifle squared away.

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