With good ammo there’s nothing wrong with the AR platform or the .223 round.

Here’s an interesting read for those interested:


His comment on missing is classic.

The FAL? Love it.
But there are issues with it also.
Parts are 30+ years old at best, some are nearing retirement age.
Very few FAL’s can compete with an AR for accuracy. .223 or .308 versions.
Parts available?
AR for the win.

Sure the .MIL could have DSA or FN build a mess of them, South Africa wildlife Rangers just bought a bunch of 700+ DSA FAL’s (irony) recently for anti poaching use.
The Rangers with the DSA FAL has also been seen in Botswana.


But when you are humping 75+ pounds of other junk, additional weight in a rifle is not something that would be appreciated by the troops.
Sticking with FN, the SCAR is a better weapon, whether I like it or not for the modern warriors if one had to stick with the .308, but even then, a 6.5 Creedmore or 7-08 makes more sense for range.

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