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If anyone saw the previous post here that announced my departure from this Forum, disregard. The information was correct that my new VPN (virtual private network) DOES in fact apparently block access to NON-secure web sites (such as the SHTF School Forum), but as it turns out, only through certain sites utilized by the VPN. Unfortunately, the fastest IP address I could find simply will not connect here. But after I posted my departure notice (which contained a plea to Selco and Toby to get a secure web site rather than this unsecure one), I decided to experiment a bit. I tried other connection options through the VPN, and although the one I’m using at the moment does not appear to be as fast as what I’d settled on, it will allow me to continue accessing this site, without being tracked by Google, NoSuchAgency, or even my ISP.

So if party plans had been initiated to celebrate, you might as well call them off. ;-) Georgia Saint ain’t goin’ nowhere no time soon. I appreciate you folks much too much, and value this site. I’m just glad I found a work-around, but still hope Selco will secure the site.