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MountainBiker, my thoughts exactly.

Tolik, it’s not a law – it’s an executive order. And that’s at least part of the problem. The President does not have the legal (constitutional) right to tell a private citizen what s/he can/can’t do. He can only order Executive Branch offices to do or not to do specific things. He’s effectively put the IRS on notice to leave churches alone, even when they are supporting a supposedly conservative candidate (the liberal candidates have been fair game for endorsement over the pulpit for a long time, on the other hand). Many evangelical and other conservative Christian churches, especially, are going to take this and run with it as if it IS a constitutionally protected law (it is not). And when the winds shift in 2018, or particularly 2020, and it becomes even more difficult to be anything except liberal (or further left), they will have a few years under their belts of saying what they wanted, because The Donald has said it’s OK. (I will not be surprised if Trump is a one-term president, replaced by an even more liberal Democrat, such as Warren.)

Many years ago, J.J. Johnson – a few of you know exactly who he is/was(?) – wrote a fictional story about the scenario in which one small church decided they were fed up with the government restrictions placed on them, and they said, “NO MORE!” It was set in Ohio. Tensions kept rising, media became very involved in the story, and it finally erupted with extreme violence by federal, state, and local LE agencies. There were deaths in the church as a result of gun fire (snipers), and in the end, the civilians prevailed – but not before a horrible price was paid. JJ’s story may well be on the verge of finally coming to a reality near any one of us in the U.S. Sadly, I had a full copy of it, but it got corrupted in a data move apparently, and I’ve lost the portion immediately after the violence began. But I still remember how it ended before the data became corrupted. It seemed somewhat plausible at the time, and now it seems potentially downright prophetic. I’ve searched all over for an intact copy of the story (“Cracking the Liberty Bell”), but two people that worked directly with JJ at the time (Mama Sierra and Henrietta for those that know) no longer have copies, and no one else that I’ve been able to find has a copy. And even the two that I thought might know where he is (assuming he’s still alive), do not. I only wish I could post his story here, now, for everyone else’s benefit. Alas … I don’t have it all anymore.