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There are volumes and volumes written on the subject – many of which are pure garbage, some of which are well meaning but fall well short of being effective and/or accurate, and only a small fraction that truly know what they are talking about and are making a difference. There is one program for vets that is head and shoulders above almost anything else in existence – and it lasts only five days. I would not have believed that lasting results are even remotely possible in only five days, but I’ve seen the results personally, and was astounded at the before/after with a very special friend. He now works with the program to help others as well, and the results are statistically overwhelmingly positive long term. They take active duty, retired, separated, and also first responders (fire, police, EMT, etc.) here in the U.S. There is generally no cost to the participant except physically getting there (air fare or gas). IF they want to pay, that’s fine, but my understanding is that it is not expected. For anyone interested (for self or people they care about), it’s Save a Warrior. They are saving the lives of vets from all over the country with tremendous success. Looking at pictures, or even hearing a description of it, it would simply not be believable that they could be having the results they are having – but the fact is, they are. It’s beyond anything else I’ve seen – and I’ve seen a lot.

And yes, there are preparations that can be made to become more resilient, and there are ways of resolving the severe effects that linger for lifetimes in too many cases – but both are not easy to find/obtain. It’s not just a matter of sucking it up and driving on. People do that, but it’s so unfair to them, because it shouldn’t have to be. That was an area of special professional focus for me – I have very strong feelings about those that have to deal with such issues, including some very close to me.