Whirlibird, don’t overlook the use of crabapples to make pectin, to jell other fruits. My sister used to boil and mash a potful of crabapples, strain the juice and can it. Then to make jelly of other fruits and berries, she added the crabapple pectin to make it firm.

I agree with Mountain Biker as to planting edible landscaping. We only have a tiny lot (.2 of an acre) but everything I plant is edible. No poisonous stuff (iris etc even though beautiful is poisonous to eat.) Pansies, daylilies, violets, etc.

Don’t laugh but I planted a row of lamb’s quarters in our little veggie garden as an experiment. They taste great, like a good spinach, although the leaves are small so it takes a long time to pick (snip ‘em with a scissors). While as weeds, most grow a foot or two high, along the roads and in waste areas, my plants grew over 8 feet tall, huge bushes, in good garden soil. And the seeds are reportedly edible also but haven’t tried them yet.

A word of caution: Henbit (which constitutes most of our yard LOL) is supposed to be edible as well. But it is also a stimulant and did not make me feel well after eating a bowlful. Make sure you are compatible with the stuff you forage BEFORE things go down.

I have a large stock tank garden against the house, filled with different herb plants. Good for cooking, and for some medicinal use as well. But I am not one to rely on herbs for serious conditions. Stock up on medx and antibiotics too…

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