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Hams are FREQUENTLY the first people to get accurate information out of SHTF situations – whether weather-related, war, earthquakes, or whatever. Ominous is most certainly an applicable word. Non-payment of fees? All at once, with 2100 people? They’re even less organized than the US is – and even the US doesn’t save up names until they get over 2000 at a time. Yep – total Bravo Sierra. Delinquent fees my a$$.

This goes along with the blog post in the ZA edition of HuffingtonPost, calling for “temporary” (i.e. 20 years) suspension of the voting rights for white males. Note: HuffPo has quickly pulled this article, forgetting about the WayBack Machine. The internet forgets nothing! HuffPo now claims they can’t verify the identity of the author, but that didn’t stop them from posting the nice juicy opinion piece that fits right in with their editorial policies. Take away the ham licenses? The vote? Why not just their lives and be done with it? Oh – I forgot – that’s already being done, along with their lands. My bad….